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Eco Cleaning Ops & Sanitation

Our name says it all. In other words we can illuminate your Residential or Commercial property by utilizing EPA compliant chemicals and wash water recovery with Hot Water Power Washing or SoftWash Roof Cleaning and Spray Sanitation with Biodegradable, Non-Hazardous, and water Based Chemicals (One of the purest things on Earth).

An ECO Friendly Company

Our commitment to use only non-hazardous and water based chemicals makes us Northern California’s first and only Eco Friendly company. We care about the environment and our planet!  Our priority is the only thing we leave behind is a clean and sanitized surface. Certified SoftWash Sanitation, Hot Water Power Washing, Pressure Washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase the value of your property.

Prevent Cost

It is also a good way to prevent costs, time, and trouble of future repairs. By having your property sanitized and cleaned regularly, it increases the value of your property and also helps protect your largest investment. Regular maintenance of your property with keep it looking new and keep the curb appeal for your customers to feel welcome at your place of business.

Restore The Beauty of Your Property

Eco Cleaning Ops & Sanitation can perform Residential & Commercial SoftWash Roof Cleaning, SoftWash House Exterior, Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Shopping Cart Sanitation, Building Wash, Exterior Window Cleaning, Wash Water Control & more to restore the beauty of your property that has been covered with dirt, mold, algae, and other harmful elements that diminish the curb appeal of your property.

Our Services

Residential & Commercial

  • SoftWash Roofs

  • Building Wash

  • Power Washing

  • Loading Dock

  • Bulk Sanitation

  • House Wash

  • Gas Stations

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing

  • Shopping Centers

  • Shopping Cart Sanitation

  • Stadium Sanitation

  • Playground Sanitation

  • Concrete Pad

  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Drive-Thrus

  • Wash Water Recovery

  • & More…

  • EPA/CWA 

  • Compliant